Products KömaFoam Lightweight sandwich sheet The lightweight sandwich sheet for great design potential

KömaFoam is a lightweight sandwich sheet consisting of a foam core between identical or different outer coats. Despite their light weight, the sheets exhibit good strength and can be used for various design applications.

No wonder, therefore, that KömaFoam with its wide range of properties is suitable for an equally wide range of applications. Laminating work also presents the ideal results, e.g. picture framing, sales display design, indoor signs, and many other design tasks. KömaFoam plays out its qualities in digital and screen printing as well. The field of applications is huge. KömaFoam is available in a range of outer coats or surfaces, thicknesses, and shapes.


KömaFoam Standard

Lightweight sheet with white foamed polystyrene core and matt white painted outer cardboard layers (150 g/m²) on both sides.

KömaFoam Flat New

Lightweight panel with white polystyrene foam core covered with white plastic-coated and corona-treated cardboard overlays (150 g / m²) on both sides. Due to its moisture-resistant surfaces, the panel also remains flat over a long period of time.

KömaFoam Adhesive

Lightweight sheet with white foamed polystyrene core and plastic-coated outer cardboard layer (150 g / m²) on one side, and self adhesive film covered with silicone paper on the other side. Adhesive: Permanently active acrylate adhesive under silicone-coated cover paper (105 g / m²).

KömaFoam Art

Lightweight foam board with a polystyrene core and high-grade, textured cover layers on both sides.

  • Textured or matt white surface
  • Good flexural strength
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Very good for printing
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Quick to format
  • Easy to cut
  • pH-neutral surface
  • Sheet ready for lamination
  • Ideal for punching work
  • Simple processing
  • Good for lamination
  • Time-saving supporting panel

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