The KÖMMERLING K-VISION system designed especially for the Dutch market is based on the proven and very successful double seal systems KÖMMERLING 76 and K-vision.

The 15° leg bevel, well-known from the existing K-vision system, has been taken over as well as the traditional distinctive window types. With K-VISION, a typical City window, based on a historical sliding sash, can be manufactured, as well as the so-called wooden window look-alike. Also the Cube design which the market tried to copy without success is another highlight of the new system.

Contrary to the specific designs which have largely been maintained, the technical characteristics have decisively changed: The increased depth of 76 mm in the sash allows for glazing thicknesses of 50 mm with a considerably favourable effect on, for example, sound or heat insulation. Thermal insulation values of Uf – 1.4 W/(m²K) in the standard version up to 1.0 W/(m²K) in combination with a thermo steel are very promising in view of current and future requirements.

For years already, the Netherlands, in particular, have been pioneers in colour and shape novelties. The country with the currently highest colour share in the PVC windows market has been offering white and cream white base elements from the very beginning, and this is also the standard in the new KÖMMERLING K-VISION system.

A large number of laminates in woodgrain, plain colour or metallic designs complement the product range. proCoverTec is definitely another highlight of the system: This unique and innovative surface finishing technology gives the profiles a particularly comfortable feel and, in addition, the window profiles are protected by colour from environmental strain.

KÖMMERLING K-VISION perfectly combines design and aspect with technical values, and, at the same time, excellently addresses the Dutch market requirements.