Prodotti PremiPlan - The threshold system with 10 mm barrier-free threshold

Thanks to clever adaptation and use of the tried and tested 20 mm threshold, our house and terrace doors of the KÖMMERLING 76 double and centre seal as well as KÖMMERLING 88 centre seal systems transform into barrier-free threshold solutions. The inner sash leg of the sash profiles are cut and provided with a special weather seal. The EVALON-coated connection angle and stainless steel connection plates, specially designed for the system, allow professional connection of the flexible waterproofing sheets and installation of the water channels. The threshold is at ground level on the outside, there is a 10 mm step to the inside.

  • Suitable for KÖMMERLING 76 double and centre seal as well as KÖMMERLING 88 centre seal window and residential door systems.
  • For tilt / turn glazed doors, side entrance doors and residential doors.
  • High degree of tightness thanks to two brush seals and one weather seal.
  • Protection against driving rain, class 9A.
  • Ground level installation to the outside.
  • 10 mm step to the inside.
  • Secure building connection through stainless steel connection angles and plates.