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profine system K-VISION launched for the Netherlands market

In January 2017, profine Group introduced KÖMMERLING K-VISION, a new 76 mm window system especially designed for the Netherlands market.

K-VISION offers all technical prerequisites for manufacturing the “city window”, typical of the country. The double seal system was designed on the basis of the 76 mm platform and of the proven profine Netherlands system. It combines the specific design with excellent thermal insulation properties and high compatibility, an aspect which offers an enormous advantage also for German customers who export to the Netherlands.

KÖMMERLING K-VISION comprises a total of 15 country specific frame and mullion/transom profiles whilst sashes can be used from the standard profine 76 mm system.

The frames have the usual edged shape with 15° and 90° chamfers as well as a homogeneous width/depth ratio of the contours.

The system offers Uf values ranging from 1.4 W/(m²K) in the standard version to 1.2 W/(m²K) with an alternative steel reinforcement and up to  1.0 W/(m²K) with a specific thermo-steel type.

With the so-called "wind stopper", an additional insulation block in the frame rebate, the manufacturer can increase both heat and sound insulation as well as resistance to driving rain.

K-VISION profiles are designed to bear glazings with thicknesses from 16 to 48 mm. Besides numerous decorative foils, the system supplier also provides its innovative proCoverTec surface technology for colour design with single-side, full-cover and bi-colour coating.

The aspect of wooden windows which is so popular in the Netherlands is maintained with an optimized processing solution: On the outside, the profiles are interlocked in butt joints with slot-pivot connections, traditional in wooden windows design. The profiles are mitre cut, and with two outside stays, more welding points and, as a consequence, a tighter steel reception chamber and a higher corner stability are provided for.

By now, K-VISION is the most recent of four different country specific versions by which the systems supplier has extended its 76 mm platform system since its introduction.

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