Window & Door Systems 76 mm systems

The 76 mm double and centre seal systems are ideal for renovations and new buildings. The small construction depth and the slender profile sight lines offer the best advantages for renovations. We also offer a nail fin section, specifically developed for the North American markets.

  • Double Seal

    Double Seal

    Double seal systems are fitted with two sealing levels. The outer weather seal is inside the frame leg, the inner inside the sash leg.

  • Centre Seal

    Centre Seal

    In addition to the outer and inner weather seal, centre seal systems are also fitted with a third, centre sealing level. This contributes to enhanced thermal and sound insulation values.

  • Residential Door

    Residential Door

    Kömmerling residential door systems come in both inward and outward opening versions. In addition to textured glazing, design elements can also take the form of prefabricated panels and modern intersash residential door panelling.