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Security handle Lockstar – a highlight at Fensterbau Frontale 2016

There was an overwhelming response from visitors for the innovative window security handle "Lockstar" at this year's trade fair presentation of profine, the system supplier of the brands KBE, Kömmerling and Trocal.

“Lockstar" is a simple solution for securing windows and balcony doors in residential and office buildings. The safety handle was developed in order to meet the rising demand for security. It combines the advantages of a mechanical handle locking device with those of an alarm function.

In developing this product, the company paid particular attention to high-quality construction and maximal functional reliability.

While the locking device is in place, the innovative “Lockstar” sensor system monitors any mechanical effects relative to the window, glazing and fittings. That makes a separate glass breakage sensor superfluous, and the less-than-attractive adhesive magnet is likewise a thing of the past.

Integrated LEDs display discreetly but clearly: „Lockstar is on guard!” It also works when the window is tilted open – another unique product feature. The handle is simple to install and requires no electronic calibration. The universal design for DIN L and R with adjustable pin length permits easy retrofitting to nearly all tilt and turn windows, regardless of the manufacturer.

The large number of different handle designs with three surface variants offers the customer an extremely broad selection in terms of design. One highlight in that regard is the version in which the functional window handle is harmoniously integrated into the window sash.

Additional variants permit an extended functionality and sensor system, for example for temperature and relative humidity. In that case, a special module communicates via Bluetooth with other devices to enhance security and convenience, e.g. for heating and ventilation. A high-end variant of the “Lockstar” range will offer full compatibility with leading smart home standards.

Another innovative concept was developed with the "Lockstar" for sliding windows and doors as well as for lift/sliding doors.

The profine "Lockstar" range will be available starting from summer 2017.

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