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Sliding windows are trending

The joint school complex of the "Lutzerath Primary School" and the "Middle School Vulkaneifel" in the Ulmen community (Eifel region) was completely renovated in order to bring all school buildings up to date.

The joint school complex of the "Lutzerath Primary School" and the "Middle School Vulkaneifel" in the Ulmen community (Eifel region) was completely renovated in order to bring all school buildings up to date. This also included the comprehensive energetic facade and window modernization of the 40-year-old schools with one-, two- and three-story buildings.

Ideal for ventilation in Corona times: sliding windows

All buildings received an insulating facade that is characterized by its “inviting” color concept. In addition, new windows were installed, architecturally tailored to the concept. Sliding windows were installed everywhere in the classrooms, enabling uncomplicated and easy ventilation of the rooms, especially in Corona times. In contrast to tilt and turn windows -  their sashes protrude into the interior when they are opened - sliding windows do not „interfere“ with the rooms and thus offer more usable space, also the required distances can be maintained.

The production and installation of the new windows was carried out entirely by the specialist company „Schreinerei Kaspari GmbH & Co. KG“ from Lutzerath. The company also dismantled the old aluminum windows, separated the materials according to type and recycled them. In addition to the new sliding windows, the window specialist company Kaspari also carried out the interior cladding and the cladding of the interior blinds.

Robust and stable design for everyday school life

Although the Corona crisis could not be foreseen at the time of the tendering in 2018, the client and the planning office „IBS Ingenieure“ decided on a future-oriented solution: the KÖMMERLING PremiSlide 76 sliding system.

Managing Director and window manufacturer Holger Kaspari: “I was enthusiastic about the choice. Because it is the best alternative to the conventional tilt and turn windows. PremiSlide offers much more space for modern interior design concepts, as opening the windows does not impair the space in any way."

The window construction company installed 105 PremiSlide sliding windows in the classrooms and 70 tilt and turn windows in other rooms. PremiSlide has proven its reliable and long-lasting functionality, has excellent thermal and sound insulation and thus brings enormous advantages in terms of comfort and operation, especially in public buildings. In addition to simple opening for cross ventilation, the sliding window system also enables stepless gap ventilation, which ensures a permanent exchange of air. Particularly robust and stable solutions were chosen for the window handles, with a view to the high demands and ensuring a long service life and long-term functionality.

Good solution for the climate

The planning office responsible for the modernization project was „IBS Ingenieure“ from Alflen. The responsible engineer Christoph Braun: “The type and design of the windows as well as the choice of the system were a very important factor for us in the planning and design, as the windows make up the majority of the facade. We were very satisfied with the choice of the KÖMMERLING PremiSlide 76 sliding system. With triple glazing, we achieve a high level of thermal insulation. With this property we achieved a Uw value of around 0.84 W / (m²K). This is an excellent energetic value for such a window system. In addition, the solution is very ergonomic thanks to the smooth sliding mechanism and does not require any space, so that the design possibilities and concepts of the interior are largely unrestricted. In short: sliding windows are a very good choice in public buildings and especially in schools."

The KÖMMERLING PremiSlide 76 sliding system has a total installation depth of 158 mm and the installation depth of the sliding sash is 76 mm. The PVC-U profile consists of a 5-chamber construction with slim sight lines which ensure the greatest possible incidence of light and increase solar energy gains. The window system is made from sustainable PVC-U with lead-free stabilizers and a high percentage of recycled material.

Complying with Corona rules, saving heating costs

Faciltiy manager Manfred Diewald is also satisfied with the new sliding windows: “Firstly, we can simply implement the ventilation requirements of the government for the cold season, namely to ventilate every 20 minutes for 5 minutes, and thus minimize the transmission of Corona viruses. Second, ventilation improves the indoor climate, which has a positive effect on learning behavior. Thirdly, we protect the climate through highly efficient thermal insulation, reduce CO2 emissions and significantly minimize our heating costs. And fourthly, the new windows ensure significantly better sound insulation. And we particularly like the simple and very robust opening mechanism. Sliding windows also avoid the risk of injury, because it is not uncommon for students to bump into an open window sash - especially now when the rows of tables in classrooms have to be far apart due to Corona. Thanks to the sliding windows, we can now use the entire classroom with maximum gaps."

Conclusion: sliding windows are on the rise

The successful renovation project of the school complex of the "Lutzerath Primary School" and the "Middle School Vulkaneifel" shows the advantages of sliding windows for public buildings. Wherever large window areas are used, sliding windows are functional, energetic, ergonomic and, above all, a real alternative that should be taken into account when planning.


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