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PremiPlan Plus - The first TÜV certified, barrier-free passage for external doors, balconies and terraces

PremiPlan® Plus is a premium threshold system for maximum accessibility with a high level of comfort, when installed at ground level to zero millimeters. The award-winning innovation is our contribution to barrier-free living.

Barrier-free accessibility and high-comfort crossing from indoor and outdoor areas are among the current top issues in the field of comfortable and age-appropriate living. For this reason, the premium manufacturers profine Group, alwitra and ACO have developed the threshold system PremiPlan® Plus, and have put it successfully to the test by TÜV Süd for use in accordance with DIN 18040 - Part 1 + 2 to the highest standards.

Complete system

The PremiPlan® Plus system consists of a 100% barrier-free threshold, a Purenit extension, stainless steel composite sheet angles and strips, the roof sealing membrane EVALON® from alwitra and the "Profiline free " facade gutter of ACO.

Using special accessories and a substructure profile, the threshold gets installed outside and on the inside at ground level at zero millimeters. Specially designed for the system EVALON® stainless steel composite sheet metal profiles and corners allow the  homogeneous connection to the EVALON® roof  membranes as well as the professional installation of the drainage channel. A parallel lowerable floor seal is a central component of a multi-stage and integrated sealing concept that achieves maximum values by using specially developed moulded parts. The modular structure of the system allows efficient manufacturing and assembly.


Even before its official market launch, experts were impressed by this innovative system. PremiPlan Plus is the winner of the pro-K award 2018 in the category of domestic installations and technology.


Subject of this industry's unique examination at TÜV Süd was the composition of trades, the assessment of the complete barrier-free door sealing and drainage system as a coordinated installation, so as demanded according to roof building guidelines DIN 18531 and DIN 18533. It also meets the requirements according to DIN 18040.

The test, which had been specially developed by the TÜV, simulated a so-called "century´s rain event" under various conditions, meaning that heavy rain was carried out with the highest expected amount according to the KOSTRA index in Germany (Würzburg with 795 l / (s x ha)), and according to the relevant standards DIN 1986-100 and DIN EN 12056-3.

When sprinkling with the maximum possible "century´s rain” in Germany up to a façade height of 26 meters (circa high-rise), there was no water penetrating the system. That means, the specifications of the corresponding DIN standards are fully respected by the PremiPlan® Plus threshold system.

We are pleased to offer a specially developed and uniquely tested solution to planners and home builders.

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