Kömmerling ReFrame

Our first window profile made from 100 % recycled PVC-U

Kömmerling ReFrame - From an idea into reality


Kömmerling has already operated in an environmentally friendly manner for a number of years now. As a major global producer of PVC-U window profiles, Kömmerling exclusively uses lead-free PVC with "green" calcium-/zinc-based stabilisers in the production of profiles, alongside recycled materials in fresh PVC-U.


Kömmerling ReFrame is our first window profile made from 100 % recycled PVC-U and finished with a colour proCoverTec surface. This ensures exceptional UV resistance and IR reflection. Old, recycled windows enter the material cycle, are processed into PVC granules and extruded into new window and door profiles. In addition, technical properties, such as excellent thermal insulation and colour design options, are still available without restrictions. 

Environmentally friendly features
> High energy efficiency
> Complete conservation of natural resources
> Systematic recycling of raw materials

A PVC-U window has a service life of at least 40 years and can be recycled 8 times. With its innovative ReFrame window profile, Kömmerling prevents unnecessary environmental damage in every respect. 



proCoverTec - protected by colour 

The innovative colour technology for surfaces which combines functionality with longevity and aesthetics. It optimally protects your window profiles against soiling.

To ensure that recycled profiles are UV-resistant, as well as to give them a luxurious, matt appearance, the profiles are finished with innovative proCoverTec surface technology all over. This technology gives windows and doors made from ReFrame PVC-U profiles additional product properties. These include colour and dimensional stability thanks to the outstanding UV protection and IR reflection.


"Sustainability, innovation and quality are fixed pillars of our corporate policy, from our use of lead-free stabilisers to extensive recycling solutions. We therefore see our innovative ReFrame profiles as a natural building block towards the goal of creating a completely closed-loop system." 



By opting for Kömmerling ReFrame windows, you are making a statement for the future!


You can find more information about recycling HERE.