Products KomaFix fixing bracket

This is a patented and dedicated fixing bracket for the timber and steel framed construction builder. It’s been co-developed with a number of construction trades, to offer a far faster means of window and door installation.

KömaFix allows for fully glazed windows and doors to be fitted to the timber/steel frame aperture and fully set into the reveal at any off-site production facility and it has proven to be a very quick and simple process. It means that the windows and doors ar fully protected by the surrounding timber/steel and can be transported to site whilst stacked horizontally for the optimal use of space.

Once on site the panels are erected and then the windows and doors can be immediately pushed out from the reveal to a position suited for the cavity. This operation can be done in a matter of minutes and does not require any window fitting tems to be on-site, leaving the building ready for outside and inside trades to quickly begin first fix around the windows and doors.

  • Windows and doors can be installed off-site in controlled conditions and delivered to site within the steel or timber frame, resulting in lower transport costs.
  • Structures can be made weathertight immediately and offers a considerable reduction in breakages, site damage and installation labour.
  • First fix position in achieved in a matter of minutes once the timber panel is in place, without the need for specialist glazing trades.
  • No site storage facilities are required and no scaffolding adjustment is required, making for a measurable faster build time.
  • Increased plot security, reduced risk of arson and a contribution to overall better health and safety standards.
  • Adds value to off-site manufacturing so that windows and doors can be sourced direct and without the need for their installation, at a later date
  • Reduction in carbon footprint due to lower transportation and labour requirements
  • Available for use with all Kömmerling window and door systems including C70 and and O70 Gold, Kömmerling 76 and the latest AluStar, aluminium clad systems.