Modern windows. Fresh air for a healthy indoor climate.

Our own four walls should be a place where we can feel safe, relax, and recharge our batteries. Fresh air, light, air humidity, and temperature are the crucial factors for a healthy indoor climate. This defines not only our general well-being, but also our physical and mental performance. Yet all too often, the balance of this climate is disrupted. The air is too hot or too cold, too dry or too moist, and mould forms in millions of households. The reason: wrong ventilation and heating behaviour.

Modern windows with integrated ventilation or separate ventilation systems – tailored precisely to the structural properties of your home – maintain automatically a healthy indoor climate. You can therefore strike the optimal balance between heating energy savings and fresh air supply. At the same time, you counteract effective the formation of mould. A permanent constituent of the air we breathe, the spores become a problem when they settle on wet surfaces in rooms. If there are no structural defects or damage from moisture, merely the right room temperature and an adequate supply of fresh air prove sufficient to reduce excess air humidity. You can take this in your own hands by ventilating frequently and properly. Or you can enjoy the convenience of modern technical ventilation solutions.

Contact your specialised window maker. Depending on the building fabric, insulation conditions, and other factors, he can recommend the right, cost-effective solution for ventilating your home. So that you can feel good at all times in your own rooms.

How to ventilate properly:

  • Always ventilate with the windows wide open, not tilted. Rush ventilation is an effective method that takes the shortest time.
  • Depending on the time of year, ventilate all rooms every morning for twenty to thirty minutes. Above all the bedroom.
  • Repeat this rush ventilation three to four times a day for ten to fifteen minutes each time.
  • Turn down the radiators beforehand to save energy.
  • Also in unused rooms the temperature should not fall below 15 °C so that the air can always absorb enough moisture.