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The largest exhibitor, profine Group, system provider of the profile brands KBE, Kömmerling, and Trocal, hosted again over 4,000 business partners from all over the world at its exhibition stand in Hall 7.

By presenting significant new developments at the exhibition in Nuremberg, the company underscored its target as the leader for innovations in the sector. The common thread running through the central new developments is the profine platform strategy with compatible systems giving rise to valuable synergies for the customers.

88 mm premium system offers passive house solutions as standard

The focus was placed on the presentation of the new 88 mm premium system that the company intends to use to continue the resounding success of System 76 launched two years before. Also like System 76 for the high volume market segments, the new premium system has been developed on a system platform common to all three brands. Under the names KBE 88, Kömmerling 88, and Trocal 88, it will become available to manufacturers from July 2016 and replace the three independent 88 mm systems of the brands.

The central link between the two platforms with 76 mm and 88 mm installation depths is the exceptionally high level of system compatibility – through the use of identical steels, seals, glazing beads, connecting profiles, and the optional profine upgrade technologies. This raises production efficiency for window makers and reduces purchasing and storage costs.

Similar to System 76, the new premium system 88 is an extensive end-to-end system with about twenty main geometries, developed with the aim of setting new standards.

Insulating values that redefine thermal insulation

Consisting of a high-insulation seven-chamber system, even the standard version of this new development exhibits a Uf value of 0.95 W/(m²K), fulfilling passive house requirements. With additional insulators a Uf value of 0.88 W/(m²K) can be achieved. Similarly prefoamed proEnergyTec profiles can be used for further thermal insulation.

In addition, the system presents an extraordinary stability for extremely large glazed areas. Besides solar gains, one further advantage is the potential for realising generously sized window designs in unique architectures.

Presentation of the 76 mm system in many facets

At the exhibition, profine was presenting not only the new premium system, but, of course, its successful 76 mm system and its many facets as well, including special profiles for a great many markets abroad. This flagship system has carved out a unique position in the standard market segment. Not least owing to the high versatility of its components despite the reduced complexity, many profine customers have already converted to this system. Yet profine is also showing an encouraging balance in its new customer line as well: A proof of quality par excellence is furnished by the high double-digit number of new customers that the company has gained for its System 76.

PremiDoor 76 barrier-free, new lift/sliding door 

As part of the changeover to the new 76 mm system platform, profine presented the lift/sliding door “PremiDoor 76” as the successor system to “PremiDoor 70”. Available from the summer of 2016, this new development is a system integrating consistently five-chamber design perfected in every detail, a system whose installation depth of only 179 mm makes it ideal for renovations, yet also for glazing up to 48 mm thick. A high passage of light is ensured by the slender sight lines – 65 mm at the casement, 100 mm at the sash, and 103 mm at the centre fastener. Even the standard version of this new development exhibits a Uf value of 1.4 W/(m²K), among the best of its kind for lift/sliding doors. The standard range also includes a barrier-free threshold system. The advantages of this system find their culmination in the optional combinations with aluminium-design upgrade technologies and with the “lux design” sash with its particularly slender sight line of 40 mm.

Also presented again was the “PremiDoor 88”, a lift/sliding door with 88 mm installation depth and flush-mounted five-chamber sash and casement profile, characterised by an outstanding thermal insulation value of Uf = 1.2–1.3 W/(m²K).

AluClip Zero: Innovative aluminium cladding for System 76

“AluClip Zero” is a design variant that is unique on the market and has already been tried and tested in a number of building projects. Three different covers are available for the window line: one presenting a completely flush-mounted look and virtually flush glazing plane, a second with classical wood-aluminium look and the same glass plane as fixed glazing, and one with “full glass” design. The specially matched residential door variant is designed for a completely flush-mounted look, and its technical highlights include a “floating” fastener for the panelling. Warping under the effects of heat is therefore eliminated.

Compatibility enjoys high priority for this product as well: many of the key components from the 76 mm system can be used.

Virtually unlimited diversity of surfaces

The profine presence at the exhibition was also focusing on the presentation of many colour, laminate, and aluminium solutions. The highlight here is “proCoverTec” – an upgrade technology for profile surfaces that is unique on the market and that is to provide lasting proof of profine’s power of innovation. Coated with an innovative liquid synthetic material, the upgraded surface offers a valuable contribution to added value by providing profiles with efficient and permanent protection against external effects.

Ancillaries programme and products from the Semifinished Products Business Unit

The shutter system products of the Semifinished Product Business Unit were presented as integral components of the profine window and door exhibits. For instance, the different versions of the innovative “VariNova” add-on box, with optional integrated extension blinds or pleats, as well as the individual shutter system "Naxos”.

The product presentations at the exhibition was rounded off with an extensive range of ancillaries and a great many other products from the Semifinished Products Business Unit, including e.g. building profiles and systems like the gate and fence system “KömaTerra Scala”, a portico as a highlight, and a great many products from the PVC-U sheets line for the home and windows.

Kömmerling + Fenster-Profiswith its own presentation

At its own presentation area, the partner alliance “Kömmerling + Fenster-Profis”, a cooperation of dedicated window manufacturers founded over twenty years ago, was demonstrating its wide range of trade marketing activities. The objective here is to support partner companies in their marketing and sales activities – specifically with respect to the growing number of cheap providers from Germany and abroad.

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