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KÖMMERLING Unity – The best of both worlds

There are many systems with aluminium cladding for PVC-U profiles. KÖMMERLING Unity though is different. It is the first solution, where PVC-U and aluminium have been designed together and synergistically as a hybrid system. KÖMMERLING Unity is the outcome of the cooperation between the two system houses profine and Stemeseder, which bring in their special core competencies. The system already fulfills future requirements for the sealing of components in contact with the ground.

The highly economical system can be modularly designed and is based on the System 76 centre seal version for the tilt/turn variants and on the PremiDoor 76 version for the lift/sliding door systems. The developers have succeeded in creating a direct non-positive connection which suits both materials alike, and even extreme temperature fluctuations cause no stress and strain to the system owing to its high tolerance range.

As an innovative product, KÖMMERLING Unity already fulfills future requirements for the sealing of components in contact with the ground: In Austria as per the building seal guidelines for “Ground level door and window connections”; a similar compliance with standards is quite likely for Germany too.

A tried and tested System as the basis

KÖMMERLING Unity was developed on the basis of profine’s 76 centre seal system; the specialists could, in this case, bank on the tremendous experience with a perfected system. This also means absolute compatibility, for e.g. with steels, seals, floating mullion manufacturing and transom connectors as well as ancillary profiles like extensions and couplings. The glazing edge bonding also lends stability to the system. The drainage, in this case, always remains concealed and is possible without penetrating the aluminium cladding in the standard version, which lends additional positive optics to the window.

KÖMMERLING Unity allows quick and flexible installation in existing and new constructions. Besides the standard version (mechanically joined), welded versions of aluminium frames are also available.

Easy assembly

KÖMMERLING Unity simplifies the building connection, both with elements in contact with the earth as well as with any window sills, even without additional profiles. The sealing works with liquid synthetics, foils or with bituminous films.

High-class Design

In the case of cubic profile designs, including square glazing beads, we set store by minimalistic and modern elegance. The visible sight lines at about 100 mm can be kept very narrow in this case. The glazing thickness is 48 mm in the standard version of the tilt/turn variant. The lift/sliding door KÖMMERLING PremiDoor 76 accommodates a glazing thickness of 58 mm. There is a choice of various designs and individual optics for a weather-resistant surface, meeting all criteria of premium quality.

The windows can be optionally flush-mounted inside, and recessed or flush-mounted versions are available for the exterior, in virtually unlimited colour combinations. The optics will seem very familiar to (hitherto) wood and aluminium manufacturers; the tried and tested profine platform, extended to include KÖMMERLING Unity, now helps streamline orders for material combinations (wood-aluminium and PCV-U / aluminium combinations).

Efficient manufacturing

Developers at KÖMMERLING Unity are also geared towards process optimisation: efficient manufacturing processes allow cost optimisation as well as parallel frame production and construction without conventional screw-down holders. The “marriage” of aluminium and PVC-U window frame goes off smoothly; it is virtually a sprinter, the “window that is fastest to clip on”, and the first PVC-U / aluminium window to be integrated into the production line.

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