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New to the programme: pergola set with 16 model variants

Along with the expansion of their business unit “ATG” for accessories and traded goods, the profine Group extends its programme for house and window solutions.

A new addition to the ATG delivery programme is a pergola set that has been available to the German market since July 2016 under the product name “Kömmerling Pergola”. A corresponding exhibit that was presented by the system provider at the Fensterbau/Frontale exhibition received positive resonance from the exhibition visitors.

The primary material of the pre-configured set is low-maintenance aluminium. Steel is used where necessary at structurally relevant points. The pergolas are up to 7 metres in width, depending upon the variant, the headroom is 2.5 metres.

At the launch, profine offers 16 model variants with the same roof con-struction but with differing basic structures. These can be customised in various ways, for example by adding side components like blinds, sliding shutters and glazing, as well as powder coating in over 300 colours.

Individual variants

The customer can also set accents with other technical and constructive adaptations. For example with spots integrated into the slats, with LED strips at the sides or with spotlights in the roof frame.

Adjustable roof slats, to regulate direct sunlight, shade and protection from rain as required, are the same for all variants.

The slats and screens are operated by remote controlled motors but can also be optionally controlled by sensors. The sensors react to light, wind and temperature. With this option, the slats open at 4° Celsius for example, in order to protect the pergola from a heavy build-up of snow.

Other options include concealed drainage and remote control of the lighting system using the remote control for the slats.

Delivery and assembly

Window makers and dealers have the option of having the pre-configured pergola set delivered either on pallets or in cassettes along with their regular delivery of profiles. It is also possible to deliver directly to the building site.

profine has also thought ahead on the subject of assembly: No special tools are required by the specialist company to assemble the pergola and assembly training and marketing support are also offered by the system provider. Last, but not least, the option of an assembly service by profine is also in the planning phase.


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