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PremiFold 76 – profine launches innovative turn/sliding system

PremiFold 76 is a special sliding system, an innovative window and door turn/sliding installation that can be used in specific applications such as very large openings.

Designs are available in different schemes with two to five sashes as well as in white with a maximum size of 4.50 meters width and 2.30 meters height. With at least one turn sash and several sliding sashes, a completely opening window element can be made.

The special opening variant of the System 76 double seal system from profine can be manufactured with the standard frame and the standard sash of this platform. Besides special hardware, the processor requires only a few additional items, such as a rail, a special sliding seal and ancillaries. Thus, the new system offers a high degree of cost-effectiveness.

Another advantage of profine´s PremiFold 76 is that the elements have no visible fittings. Windows and doors can be equipped with both double and triple glazing.

Homes and commercial buildings can be individually designed with a multitude of decorative laminates: PremiFold 76 has been available in classic white, in wood structures as well as in plain and metallic colors since April 1, 2019.

"The demand for sliding systems is growing steadily, they are a real trend product. With PremiFold 76, our latest product innovation in the area of sliding systems, we are sure that we will be able to provide new impetus in this segment ", says Stefan Schäfer, Chief Product and Marketing Officer of profine.


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