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Security handle Lockstar wins the pro-K award 2017

With a window with an integrated Lockstar security handle, profine GmbH has won the pro-K award 2017 in the category of domestic installations and technology.

Since 1979, the pro-K Industrieverband Halbzeuge und Konsumprodukte aus Kunststoff e.V. (industrial association for synthetic material semifinished and consumer products), has been presenting this award to outstanding plastic products in order to make the public aware of the performance characteristics of plastics.

The "Lockstar Security Window System", so the full title of the submission, convinced this year's jury with its various advantages in terms of innovation, design and functionality.

Lockstar is a simple solution for securing windows and balcony doors. It combines the advantages of a mechanical handle locking device with those of an alarm function.

While the locking device is in place, the innovative Lockstar sensor system monitors any mechanical effects relative to the window, glazing and fittings. This makes a separate glass breakage sensor superfluous.

Integrated LEDs display the function discreetly but clearly. It also works when the window is tilted open – another unique product feature. The universal design permits easy retrofitting to nearly all tilt and turn windows.

The basic version of the handle can be extended, for example with sensors for temperature and humidity, or to communicate with other home installations via Bluetooth.

A total of 19 innovative synthetic material products in 10 categories received awards from an expert jury. The official award presentation ceremony will be taking place at the pro-K award night, on 12 January 2017 in Frankfurt am Main.

“It makes us very proud that we have won the pro-K award for three of our products within two years. I am extremely pleased that our work in the development of market-oriented products is being honored with the award”, said Dr Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO of profine.

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