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Today for Tomorrow - Kömmerling positions itself as a sustainability brand

In the 125th anniversary year, Kömmerling is positioning itself for the future with the realignment of its brand. Sustainability is at the heart of the new positioning and brand philosophy. For Kömmerling, these are not just euphonious declarations of intent, it is about taking action today and making the right decisions for tomorrow. This becomes visible to the outside world with a completely new brand image in a new design, with a new logo and slogan.

Sustainable cycle

Dr. Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO of profine, on the background to the brand relaunch: “Living up to our responsibility means protecting the future. It's up to us, the industry leaders of our time, to make a difference today. As determined and ambitious doers, we have the strength and the will to deliver positive change in everything we do. But we want to be more than a pioneer, we also want to be a role model for others. For everyone who, like us, feels equally committed and capable of rising to this major challenge. Our goal is to create a sustainable loop for high-quality products made of synthetic materials. Today we develop the right solutions for tomorrow and set standards for a future worth living for. This is what our Kömmerling brand stands for.”

Clear vision

The new Kömmerling brand thus conveys a clear vision and a clear attitude that wants to make a difference both towards its customers and in the entire market and emphasizes the sustainable meaning of their work for over 3,000 employees. The goal is: Don't wait for someone else to change something that you can change yourself. Today for Tomorrow - this message becomes the central brand core, which is reflected in all product, image and social media communication measures. The communication of the brand puts responsibility and sustainability issues into focus.

New logo and slogan

The new logo is the clearest visible sign of this realignment. The new Kömmerling logo displays natural elements like the sun and water in abstract form and embodies circularity. Warm colors represent life, awakening and the future. These elements also characterize the revolutionary corporate design. Characteristics of the design include a new image and color scheme as well as a design with curved lines. With these independent visual brand elements, Kömmerling is setting itself apart from the competition in its communications.

The new slogan is the thematic and emotional framework for the new appearance. In just three words, it sums up the brand message and direction that Kömmerling stands for: Today for Tomorrow.

“Kömmerling – these are not just high-quality products. It's an attitude. We are working to ensure a sustainable future. This has been our mission from the start when I took over the company in 2012. And we will continue to do this - day after day. That's my promise," affirms Dr. Peter Mrosik the future path of the Kömmerling brand.

You can get an impression of the entire new brand image on the Kömmerling website.

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