76 mm systems Kömmerling 76 Unity ClimaTec Plus - The perfect ventilation

Especially in increasingly better proofed homes, correct, regular ventilation is more important than ever. If there is too little ventilation, the relative air humidity will constantly increase and too moist an indoor climate will quickly occur, which encourages the growth of moulds. Would you like a ventilation system in conjunction with the Kömmerling 76 Unity hybrid system? One that generates a healthy indoor climate even when the windows are closed, even if you are not at home? With ClimaTec Plus, we offer you the perfect solution!

Fully automated and without active ventilation – ClimaTec Plus keeps its promise and generates a regulated supply of fresh air. Consequently, sensible ventilation behaviour is based on a healthy balance with minimum heat loss. Sustainability is a priority both when it comes to energy consumption and when it comes to building protection when preserving the building fabric.  

The self-regulating window rebate ventilator ClimaTec Plus is installed quite easily. Namely instead of the sash leg seal in the upper area of the window sash. Due to the colour adaptation of the fan to your seal colour, light grey or black, it remains almost invisible even when the window is open. Air flows via the window rebate, the space between window sash and outer frame. Thanks to the innovative flow control technology of the regulating flaps, there is sensitive airflow regulation that limits the flow of air in the event of high wind loads and consequently avoids draughts.

Benefit from this easy option and equip your Kömmerling 76 Unity hybrid system windows with the ClimaTec Plus fan.