76 mm systems Kömmerling 76 Unity standard - The new generation

Do you believe opposites should attract and complete each other perfectly?

We have developed our new window & door system just for people like you: Kömmerling 76 Unity is THE perfect solution, in which plastic and aluminium materials have been developed into a hybrid system in a collaborative manner utilising synergy.

Kömmerling 76 Unity is the new generation, which perfectly combines all the innovations and technological highlights of a modern window & door system. You will receive a solution which represents the very best in every respect – from its visual appeal, to its stability, right through to its outstanding insulating properties – and not only for your new building, but also for your future renovation.

Kömmerling 76 Unity impresses with its cubic design. Whether outdoors and/or indoors, a semi-offset and/or a flush look – anything is possible. The aluminium cladding on the outside offers unlimited colour possibilities based entirely on your requirements. Very narrow sight lines measuring just 100 millimetres emphasise its simple modern elegance and ensure rooms are flooded with light.

This hybrid system provides the basis for combining a complete aluminium frame with the plastic frame for the first time. This creates a high level of stability. The result: Your building projects can include windows with large-scale glass elements.

The narrow sight lines, which allow for thermal gains due to high levels of solar irradiation, combined with high-insulation plastic profiles, provide optimal thermal insulation. Kömmerling 76 Unity achieves an outstanding Uf value up to 1.0 W/(m²K).

  • Kömmerling 76 Unity – a hybrid system with an installation depth of 76 mm.
  • System 76 centre seal as a basis.
  • Frame resilience at 70 mm – ideal for the modern building seal.
  • Simple, modern elegance thanks to a cubic design.
  • Individually flush and/or semi-offset possible, outdoors and/or indoors.
  • Fixed combinations of aluminium frames and plastic frames.
  • Aluminium cladding welded without visible seams or mitred.
  • Virtually unlimited colour range for aluminium cladding, thanks to finishing techniques such as anodising and powder finishing.
  • Very narrow profile sight lines measuring only 100 mm.
  • Triple glazing with a thickness of 36 to 58 mm (48 mm standard).
  • Very high thermal insulation, Uf value of up to 1.0 W/(m²K) as standard.