Sustainability Projects

Window manufacturer Holger Kaspari

Window manufacturer Holger Kaspari

Businesses like ours are making a tangible contribution to climate protection by building eco-friendly windows, using sustainable resources such as solar power and supporting climate-friendly concepts such as e-mobility on a daily basis. (Holger Kaspari of Kaspari GmbH & Co. KG, joinery & specialised window manufacturer)

Your window to a better world.

Whenever we install a new window for a customer in our region we’re making a tangible contribution to climate protection. Every new window that we make reduces CO2 emissions. I don’t have the exact figures, but I’m sure our work is preventing many tonnes of harmful greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere. We’re proud of that. The large-scale projects and big corporations may get a lot of publicity, but the SMEs in the craft sector are the “unsung heroes” in climate protection because they actually make an enormous contribution. We have the expertise to recommend high quality and environmentally friendly windows to customers in our region. We build them with the greatest of precision and install them to deliver maximum energy efficiency. And we also do a lot of other things to ensure that our business is also sustainable and responsible. For example, a photovoltaic system on our roof generates green electricity. In 2018 we produced 68,520 kWh of electricity – which is 15,784 kWh more than we actually needed so we were able to transfer the surplus into the grid. We also support the Kömmerling initiative encouraging specialist window manufacturers to switch over to clean e-mobility. In fact, we were one of the first to buy an electric construction site vehicle.

A real contribution to climate protection.  we drive to the construction site in electric vehicles, we generate our own solar power and we build energy efficient, eco-friendly windows every day.

A future for our region.

I believe that another aspect of sustainability is creating secure jobs and sustainable workplaces here in our region. Local customers have known and trusted us since we were founded in 1968. We employ skilled personnel and take on new young apprentices every year. We do it because we want to, not because we have to. It’s our way of giving back to society and safeguarding the future of the next generations. We make sure that our employees learn the first-rate professional skills they need to manufacture windows and doors with the very best insulation performance in certified quality using state of the art technology. Our products are completely recyclable. Customers who buy our windows are also creating jobs in our region. They not only get extremely durable products, but also guaranteed support and services from a professional partner. Most people don’t notice all these benefits if they just look at the window price tag. We offer a great deal of added value and it doesn’t cost the earth. All in all, it really is “your window to a better world.”

Your window to a better world – for me it’s the sum of many things and values and, especially, responsibility for your own region.Everyone can make a difference.

Protecting the environment should be fun.

We’re a team of happy and cheerful individuals with an enthusiastic, committed and professional approach to work. I think that’s the kind of attitude we should be taking towards sustainability. Instead of taking a do-gooder approach to overcoming future challenges we simply enjoy making a contribution. It makes good environmental sense to ensure that the old plastic windows we replace are properly recycled. In 2018, for instance, we arranged for more than 9 tonnes of old plastic windows to be recycled, reducing CO2 emissions by 15,396 kg. All of the plastic in old windows can be recycled and used to make new windows that are installed in buildings again. Remarkably, the new plastic profiles containing recycled material achieve even better insulation values than the original windows. That’s why I think it’s more than just a cycle. It’s a cycle of continuous improvement. So, you see, the work we do makes sense, adds value and improves outlooks. We build and install windows to a better world.