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One year after the launch: profine records an encouraging interim balance for “System 76”

profine Group, the system provider of the profile brands KBE, Kömmerling, and Trocal, is highly pleased with the development to date of its new main system with 76 mm installation depth. Built up on a common platform for all three brands, “System 76” has undergone a step by step expansion since its launch a good year ago. The new flagship in the profine product range is available as a five chamber double seal system with the same sight lines as the independent six chamber centre seal system. Following a great many planned upgrade technologies, this has now become a flexible end-to-end system that leaves no wish unfulfilled.

The new 76 mm system will fulfil high requirements even in complex applications posed by new buildings and renovations. Developed as the “best system in its class”, even the basic “System 76” variant is characterised by extraordinary qualities above all in thermal insulation.

Premium as standard

Tests conducted by the window technologies institute ift in Rosenheim confirm that “System 76” exhibits premium properties as standard and can even vie with systems featuring installation depths in the 80–85 mm range.

Fitted in a standard window, the double seal version of this system exhibits a heat transfer coefficient of Uf = 1.1 W/(m²K), which the centre seal version even improves on with its Uf = 1.0 W/(m²K). On the strength of these values, it therefore comes as no surprise that the new system meets with a resounding response from manufacturers. André Kochs, Managing Director of Kochs GmbH of Herzogenrath near Aachen, is impressed: “This is excellent performance for a standard system,” he praised. A Kömmerling manufacturer of many years’ standing, his delight was plain to hear: “This undoubtedly gives us that crucial edge in the high volume segment.”

Yet this is not all by a long way. Aided by extensive upgrade technologies like e.g. combinations with aluminium cladding and prefoamed “proEnergyTec” profiles, the new 76 mm system is entering dimensions that are setting all new standards for a basic system.

Passive house requirements fulfilled with ease

Recent tests at the ift in Rosenheim have confirmed that selected variants of “System 76” fulfil the passive house requirements set out in the ift guideline WA 15/2.

  • Above all, excellent values were obtained on a centre seal variant whose only foamed component was its outer frame. This system achieves a Uf of 0.95 W/(m²K), a thermal insulation value that complies with WA 15/2 passive house suitability despite the standard reinforcement in the sash. This variant is therefore even suitable for use with laminated profiles.
  • Presenting a foamed frame and sash and fitted with “AluClip Pro” cladding, the double seal variant of “System 76” achieves a heat transfer coefficient of Uf = 0.93 W/(m²K).
  • When tested by ift in Rosenheim, the equivalent centre seal variant even manages a Uf value of 0.82 W/(m²K).

Fitted in suitably equipped windows, the double seal version can achieve a UW value of 0.76 W/(m²K) and the centre seal version 0.73 W/(m²K).

Flexible system for a wide range of architectural demands

Offering a great many expansion options, this flexible system presents further convincing arguments in the form of slender profile sight lines for large glazed areas, solar gains, and a facility for ultra modern functional glazing up to 48 mm thick for optimising sound and thermal insulation. “Speaking for myself, this is a huge advantage over the preceding 70 mm system,” stressed Thomas Rösler, Managing Director of FTR Fenster- und Türenwerk Rösler in Schirgiswalde, Saxony. Designed for use in windows and residential and balcony doors, this new system offers over fifty profile geometries and ancillary articles. In addition to the upgrade technologies crucial to thermal insulation, further finishing technologies and equipment highlights include e.g. the “AddOn” compound sash, a wide range of colour laminates, and the innovative “proCoverTec” surface, all contributing towards the realisation of exceptional design and load bearing requirements. These are joined by upgrades for ventilation: “ClimaTec 76” for the centre seal and “Regel-air 76” for the double seal variant.

“System 76” generates lucrative orders for customers

This flexible and equally cost effective system has helped customers time and again to submit successful tenders for high grade projects. This is confirmed by Josef Rolf, Managing Director of Rolf Fensterbau GmbH in Hennef-Uckerath: “The system offers us virtually unlimited leeway for design and applications. This is very convenient to us because our customers are very fastidious, particularly where architecture, thermal insulation, and sound absorption are concerned,” said the Trocal manufacturer, one of the leading window makers in the Rhineland. “System 76” helped his company to win many orders, including 680 window units for the new job centre in Mettmann.

Modular design with operational benefits for the manufacturer

The 76 mm system also benefits specialised window makers over a broad front in terms of operational efficiency. Thanks to its modular design with a high level of glazing, steel, and ancillary profile compatibility, this system simplifies both manufacture and logistics for the customer. Also the installation is now made easier. KBE manufacturer Thomas Rösler also finds the comparatively small profile depth a great convenience for his installation processes: “This is a great boon to my fitters because they can now easily hold and carry the elements," he stressed, and went on to emphasise that the conversion to the new system progressed without a single hitch.

Competent all-round support for the conversion

Also the extensive range of profine services optimises the process of conversion to the new “System 76”. Dr Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO of profine GmbH, sees his objectives come full circle: “An outstanding product is not enough. Only when services can provide the same quality can we celebrate joint success with our customers. This holds true not only in the launch phase, but over the whole of the product’s lifecycle.”