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Product Certification

Kömmerling have underpinned their position as a global leader in the supply of high quality, sustainable uPVC window and door profiles by securing accreditation under the Vinyl Council of Australia's Industry Code of Practice (ICP) for its range of uPVC window and door systems fabricated and sold across Australia.

This range includes:

• C70 Gold Hinged and Swinging Systems

• PremiDoor Lift and Slide System

• PremiSlide 76 Sliding Door System

• PremiLine Sliding Window and Door Systems

• System 76 Hinged and Swinging Systems

Setting defined targets for profile composition, weathering resistance, colour and strength requirements, the performance assessments are undertaken by 3rd party, accredited testing laboratories. These tests include specific requirements regarding the products performance against one of the highest UV exposure standards for products anywhere in the World....which is crucially important when one considers that Australia has the highest level of solar radiation per square metre of land of any continent.

As such, whether it's recommending, specifying, fabricating or purchasing windows and doors using Kömmerling profiles, there is an in-built assurance and confidence associated with the products durability, UV resistance, strength and overall weathering performance characteristics which may not be inherent to alternative profiles or material purchased directly from overseas.

As well as providing additional product certainty and confidence, the trade mark confirms compliance with the specific uPVC material requirements of section 3 in the Australian Standard AS2047 - Windows and external glazed doors in Buildings, as referenced in the National Construction Code.

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