Saving energy

New uPVC windows. Saving energy, improving occupier comfort and protecting the environment.

Providing outstanding levels of thermal insulation and overall energy efficiency, high performance uPVC window systems are the ideal sustainable solution as Australasia continues to shift further towards reducing energy consumption and, eventually, Net Zero.

Supporting this is an increased awareness of optimum performance design concepts such as Passive House and other sustainable ‘green building’ initiatives, with mandatory minimum energy efficiency measures and performance based building requirements being provided by the National Construction Code.

By utilising a broad range of high performance double and triple glazed glass combinations, Kömmerling high performance uPVC windows help maximise the amount of glazed area and therefore the level of natural light available to the house whilst passively managing the transfer of the key benefits that the natural environment brings; whilst, of course, protecting us from its harsher elements.

Merely replacing old windows with modern, insulated uPVC systems can not only make distinct improvements to your levels of comfort and quality of life, but it can also make perceptible savings in your heating costs. Energy provision is expensive, and it’s getting more so.

How much energy can a window save? Can this performance be compared? It can: The so called U-value associated with the windows measured performance specifies how much heat energy is lost to the outside and also how much is transferred to the inside. A key thing to remember is that the smaller the U-value, the better the thermal insulation…..and the greater the savings in energy costs.

Windows make up a good third of the façade, but in an otherwise well insulated home, they are the most important element in defining how much heat stays indoors or is transferred from outdoors. In a single-family home in heating seasons for instance, the heat loss through the windows can be as high as 40% of the total heating energy. Old windows allow most energy loss, which is between four to ten times higher than through windows with high performance glazing. With the majority of Australia’s housing stock having old, poor performing windows, many with single clear glass, it’s safe to say that these windows are no longer fulfilling the growing requirements for modern energy saving, insulated houses. There is therefore a huge potential here for not only saving energy, but providing you and your family a more comfortable and sustainable future.

A comfortable home is absolutely essential. As is saving energy. Achieving that previously difficult balance is now easy to accomplish by using Kömmerling high performance uPVC windows which help to both keep your energy bills down and optimise your internal environment. It’s time to relax and look forward to a more energy efficient and comfortable future.

In all cases, new windows should be installed by a qualified window company. However, it’s not only the correct installation which is important, but also the profile design, the transition from the profile to the glass, and the glazing type.  Any one of network of Kömmerling window fabricators can advise you on which system and style of window is best suited to match your individual needs and complement the building fabric of your home, details of which can be found here.