Passive house

Passive house windows. For the highest thermal insulation requirements.

With the drive towards net zero emissions and an increased recognition re the inherent benefits of high performance uPVC window systems, their incorporation into either a retro fit home improvement or high performance new build project is increasing year on year.

It is similarly recognised that amongst a number of negative impacts, poorly designed windows and/or single glazing can significantly affect the amount of air leakage and total negative contribution to both the heat gain into and the heat loss out of your home.

Within the Passive House integrated design approach, the need for insulated, efficient, comfortable and suitably vented houses is a pre-requisite. Energy saving designs are growing in importance and the passive house is objectively considered  to be the most energy efficient form of residential building currently available, anywhere in the World. Every year a single passive house consumes no more than 15 kWh of heating energy per square metre of living space which corresponding to 1.5 litres of fuel oil. In other words, it consumes 90% less heating energy than a conventional existing building, and 75% less than an average new building.

The benefits specific to a Kömmerling uPVC Passive House rated performance window complement  Passive House’s primary principle of being the “benchmark for comfort” superbly. High energy efficiency and optimum occupier comfort is made possible by the combination of the windows’ refined multi-chamber design, airtight construction and Low E based triple glazing working seamlessly with the house’s controlled ventilation with heat recovery system to ensure ultimate control of the internal environment.

Today’s intelligent designs with slender profiles and a high percentage of low U value glazed areas give rise to individual design possibilities and more passive thermal energy management.

The correct advice and the proper installation of windows are crucial to the efficiency of a passive house. So please contact your qualified Kömmerling Passive House fabricator near you for all questions about this subject and/or visit