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Titane Windows & Doors win National Award

At the recent AGWA National Design awards evening in Sydney, Titane Windows & Doors were announced as the National winners in the ‘Best use of Windows & Doors, Glass, Glazing Residential/Domestic $30K to $80K’ category for their supply and installation of Kömmerling uPVC windows and doors in a magnificent “Contemporary Cabin” in Wattle Grove, south of Hobart in Tasmania.            

The first time an AGWA National Award winning project has been won utilising uPVC windows, an understandably proud and delighted Gary Beveridge from Titane and his wife Sherrie accepted the award on behalf of the Company and their construction and installation teams.

The Wattle Grove project was a Design & Build collaboration between Skookom Builders and Liddington Architecture Studio. Titane’s brief as the window supplier and installer was to take full advantage of the stunning outlook and pristine location of the site and use the windows and doors to not only help provide the warm, cozy, inviting internal environment being demanded, but to be the catalyst in bringing together all the key and often complex architectural criteria together without any compromise.

The project itself was to provide escape and retreat from the owner’s place of residence in NSW. The design brief focused on the main access and living to be all accommodated in the upper level; the upper level providing a large open space with warmth to accommodate the extended family, the lower level providing more intimate spaces with individual connections to views and decks.

It quickly became apparent that, whilst initially specified, the required overall performance criteria, exacting design and finishing requirements were not going to be achieved through the use of aluminium window frames.

With the windows and doors playing such a huge role in bringing the design and performance of the house together, a Uw performance requirement as low as 1.8 w/m2K and a SHGC of 0.29 to help maintain a consistent, comfortable internal environment on both levels with minimal heating/cooling required, it quickly became apparent that the only way that this was going to be achieved was through the use of uPVC windows and door systems.

Further, a key objective for the building was for it to have an extended life expectancy which far exceeded the average Australian dwelling life, so it could be loved by not only the current client, but by future generations; it had to have longevity and, as such, had to be sustainable.

With Titane Windows and Doors being the chosen fabricator and installer, the uPVC profile chosen was Kömmerling.

By using internally glazed Kömmerling uPVC window frames throughout, PremiDoor Lift and Slide doors on the upper level and PremiLine sliding doors on the lower level, the outstanding energy ratings, millimetre perfect finishing and high levels of comfort required by the clients, which otherwise would have been lacking, were able to be achieved.

The requirement to maximize and open up the views by the use of huge expanses of high performance window systems, which often needed to be installed on a 15° slope out at the top to match the raking walls as well as having raked sides all whilst having timber reveals attached at 90° to the floor, was enabled by utilising the Kömmerling internally glazed fixed frame in conjunction with Viridian Lightbridge IGU’s, which also offer low levels of low reflection.  

Why the additional need for Low Reflection ?....well, the area is renowned as being the habitat of the endangered Swift Parrot and helping to ensure its protection through the use of lower reflection glazing, to minimise accidental impact, is absolutely paramount.

Another key feature that was a must for the client was the incorporation of a large sliding door across the front of the house. This needed to have a large expanse of glass in order to take full advantage of the view, whilst still being able to be used essentially as a sliding window. Ease of operation whilst maintaining an excellent energy rating was a must and by using a lift and slide door system Titane were able to maintain the large expanse of glass, and yet still have a simple effortless sliding door.

Needless to say the client was delighted in how easy it is to heat and maintain the warmth inside during the cold months and yet during summer are able to easily open up the house to take in not only the views, but also the refreshing breeze from the Huon river.