76 mm systems Kömmerling PremiDoor 76 Unity – brilliant in every respect

The Kömmerling PremiDoor 76 Unity lift/sliding door system is the perfect supplement to our Kömmerling 76 Unity window and door system. With this system, we are offering a consistent solution for the design of your windows, balcony doors and lift/sliding doors.

The combination of plastic sections boasting high thermal insulation with aluminium cladding on the outside of the lift/sliding door makes your own home resplendent with pure elegance in a cubic design. The aluminium cladding offers you infinite options of colours to choose from for your design. These colour options are consistently, individually matched to the architecture of the building and the style of the outdoor installation. On the inside, plastic sections guarantee dimensional stability, excellent functional reliability, and minimal cleaning work.

Large glazed areas, narrow profile sight lines combined with a maximum element size of 6.00 m wide and 2.40 m high not only make it possible to flood spaces with light but also achieve huge solar energy gains. Thanks to its five-chamber design, the system achieves excellent thermal insulation with a Uf value of up to 1.5 W/(m²K), which greatly reduces your heating costs.

The Kömmerling PremiDoor 76 Unity lift/sliding door system leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to security either. To go into more detail, the system is designed so that it can be equipped easily and cost-effectively according to your individual security requirements – up to resistance class RC 2.

No matter whether it is a new building or renovation, choose the original Kömmerling PremiDoor 76 Unity lift/sliding door. Incorporate the outside world into your home design thanks to breathtaking panoramic views, while playing a part in protecting the environment. This is because Kömmerling uses lead-free PVC with "green" calcium-/zinc-based stabilisers in production, alongside recycled materials.

  • Kömmerling PremiDoor 76 Unity.
  • Lift/sliding door system with 76 mm construction depth.
  • Cubic design – complements the Kömmerling 76 Unity window and door system.
  • Aluminium cladding on the outside, neutral white on the inside.
  • Virtually unlimited range of colours for the aluminium cladding.
  • User-friendly operation when opening and closing.
  • Narrow sight lines.
  • Maximum element size of 6.00 m wide x 2.40 m high.
  • Glazing thickness from 48 to 58 mm.
  • Outstanding thermal insulation, Uf value up to 1.5 W/(m²K).
  • Maximum protection against forced entry up to resistance class RC 2 possible.
  • Easy-care, durable and robust.
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to the use of lead-free calcium-/zinc-based stabilisers.