76 mm systems Kömmerling 76 double seal casement outward opening

This casement window offers unrivalled levels of weathering, thermal and acoustic performance and is also capable of large opening sizes. It’s also the ultimate window for exposed and coastal locations and with the use of dummy sashes can also offer perfectly symmetrical sightlines as is the current design philosophy.

Kommerling 76 in this 6-chambered design can offer a Uw-value of just 1.2 W/(m2k) when most 70mm systems struggle to achieve less than 1.4 and therefore fully reflects the proposition that this is a next generation window platform. It’s also been designed from the outset for both double and triple glazing up to 48 mm.

Colours and woodgrains include flat white and the foiled finishes of white ash, cream, English Oak, Silvered Oak, Painswick, quartz grey and flat anthracite grey. Window hardware options are wide and varied from the contemporary to the more traditional.

  • Typical Uw value of 1.2 W/(m2K) in standard specification and down to 0.82 W/(m2K) with our improved energy specification, far outperforming typical 70 mm window systems.
  • Shares the same frames, mullions and glazing beads as the rest of the System 76 platform.
  • Part of a fully integrated 76 mm platform with a wide range of ancillaries.
  • Designed with a number of bevelled and ovolo glazing bead options up to 48mm.
  • Centre seal option makes for a triple seal solution offering thermal, acoustic and weathering benefits.
  • Offered in a range of traditional and modern foiled finishes out of a total range of nearly 100.