Association Membership

Vinyl Council of Australia

Kömmerling are a proud member of the Vinyl Council of Australia, , supporting the Councils’ main aim of  strengthening and advancing the sustainability of the Australian PVC industry.  We are also an active member of their Windows Alliance initiative,,  which has an overarching focus of sharing information and resources on uPVC windows so that specifiers, architects, designers and home-owners alike can make better and fully-informed decisions about which type of window to install.

Kömmerling is recognised Worldwide as a leader in the manufacture and distribution of high performing uPVC profiles for use in the window and door industry, with a key objective of gearing up our entire organisation for a sustainable future and sharing and developing the benefits associated with those values with our fabricators, consumers and industry stakeholders.

As such, we take a holistic approach to sustainability that doesn’t only focus on ecology but also extends to the social and economic environments. We protect the climate and our oceans with our products and production processes. Our intelligent recycling concept is exemplary and we take our social responsibility for people and society very seriously.

At our production facilities we adopt a closed-loop re-cycling system whereby we recycle old uPVC windows that have been replaced and sourced through our fabricator network together with new uPVC window production waste to ensure that valuable resources are conserved.

Whilst not a manufacturer in Australia, as a signatory to the Australian PVC Stewardship Program Kömmerling is committed to reducing the amount of waste generated from the use of its products.  Whilst a uPVC window has a lifespan of at least 40 years and can be re-cycled up to 8 times, there is currently a requirement for some uPVC profiles to be safely disposed of without being re-used or re-cycled as part of a uPVC manufacturing process. The following are guidelines on how to and where to reuse, recycle or dispose of our products safely.


Because of their long lifespan, high levels of product integrity, durability and their ease of maintenance whilst in situ, there are opportunities for de-glazed systems to be re-used as second hand windows and doors. Alternatively, there are occasions where profiles can be cut down and used as construction materials such as fencing posts, furniture etc.


Kömmerling uPVC is completely re-cyclable. Currently in Australia however, the opportunities for re-cycling window materials in volume are very limited due to mechanical constraints within the re-cycling industry associated with separating the co-extruded gasket from the uPVC profile and also removing any laminated foils that may have been applied. Although this is currently not financially viable, we continue to work with industry to try and find a mutually beneficial solution to this issue. 

For volumes of non-laminated product where the gasket can be manually removed, the VCA provides a list of companies that can recycle the product


Kömmerling uPVC is manufactured using calcium and zinc stabilisers, is non-toxic, inert and can be safely disposed of in landfill at a waste depot where it will not degrade over time and will not be the source of any toxic waste.

Manufacturing offcuts and old windows and doors can be taken to a local landfill site where information can be obtained as to where it is most appropriate to safely dispose of the materials.

Human Rights

Across our business operation, Kömmerling are committed to building and fostering a culture in which employees, customers and suppliers are treated with dignity, respect and fairness. Our Code of Conduct and Ethics states that our employees, including directors, agents, contractors and others who represent our business throughout our supply chain must respect and support human and labour rights.