88 mm systems Premium window system – Kömmerling 88 ClimaTec 88

There are a large number of cases where the conventional ventilation methods are inadequate, e.g. when you are not at home. This also applies to weekend and holiday homes. Here the Kömmerling ventilation system ClimaTec 88 provides for fresh air – also without active ventilation. The Kömmerling ventilation system is the perfect solution for a healthy indoor climate at all times, also when the windows are closed.

For this reason it is important that a healthy balance is reached between a sensible ventilation behaviour and the minimum heat loss. This safeguards on the one hand sustainable energy consumption, on the other the integrity of the building fabric that would otherwise suffer from the effects of moisture. ClimaTec 88 from Kömmerling is your ventilation solution for a regulated supply of fresh air – and that fully automated, even without active ventilation.

The ventilation mechanism of ClimaTec 88 lies concealed in the outer frame rebate and is practically invisible – but the more effective for that. It provides for a controlled supply of fresh air without manual ventilation and does not need a power supply. ClimaTec 88 can also regulate indoor air humidity. The risk of mould formation is therefore minimised. Moreover the ventilation system ClimaTec 88 features automatic wind pressure regulation and of course complies with the requirements under EnEV (German Energy Savings Act) as well as the DIN and EU standards on tightness against driving rain, sound insulation, and residential ventilation.

  • Self-regulating, easy to clean ventilation system.
  • Minimises high air humidity and the risk of mould.
  • Promotes the controlled supply of fresh air.
  • Ventilator screen protects against insects.
  • Concealed in the frame, so practically invisible from the inside and outside.
  • Automatic wind pressure regulation.
  • Complies with EnEV (German Energy Savings Act).
  • Tested sound insulation up to 42 dB (Class 4).
  • Protection against driving rain and passage of air tested in accordance with DIN and EU standards.
  • Ventilation in accordance with DIN 1946-6 and DIN 18017-3.