Window & residential door systems 88 mm systems

The centre seal system Kömmerling 88 has been developed specifically for new buildings. This end-to-end system for windows and residential doors is the perfect solution for all thermal insulation requirements, including the passive house standard.

  • Kömmerling 88 Centre Seal

    Kömmerling 88 Centre Seal

    It is the premium window for a new era: Kömmerling 88. Trend- setting in thermal insulation. Forward- looking in design. Pioneer in quality and security. And of ground- breaking individuality thanks to its modularity and innovative upgrade technologies.

  • Kömmerling 88 double seal

    Kömmerling 88 Double Seal

    The Kömmerling 88 double seal system combines all the advantages of modern windows. Modern and attractive design in conjunction with a construction depth of 88 mm ensures windows' perfect visual appeal, both closed and open.

  • Kömmerling 88 residential door

    Kömmerling 88 Residential Door

    Design your own residential door according to your wishes. Kömmerling 88 offers various opening styles, woodgrain structures, plain and metallic colours, aluminium covers and functional/ decorative glass panes, door panels and accessory parts.