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The goal: clean oceans

The goal: clean oceans

By the year 2050 the oceans could contain more plastic than fish.

The goal: clean oceans - no plastic in waste water.

We are making progress in our award-winning ‘Zero Pellet Loss’ project fight to prevent plastic litter in our oceans. Plastic litter and other debris in our oceans are a growing global environmental problem. Pellets used for the production of PVC-U windows only account for a very small proportion of plastic litter in our oceans. Most of it comprises packaging or fishing nets that have simply been discarded rather than properly disposed of. However, every piece of plastic we keep out of our oceans is a step in the right direction and we are a pioneer in that respect. We were the first company in the window industry to receive ‘Zero Pellet Loss’ certification. Initiated by the “pro-K” industry association , the ‘Zero Pellet Loss’ programme and ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ are part of the plastic industry’s global effort to keep plastic out of the ocean. We have implemented numerous technical measures and process changes to minimise or prevent pellets from our production facilities getting into the waste water and thus the oceans. This is comprehensively monitored and documented. We hope that our actions will encourage other processors and manufacturers to get involved in these and similar initiatives.

“Plastic poses one of the biggest threats to marine life. We are committed to finding sustainable solutions to the plastic waste problem.” Stefan Schäfer, Member of the Management Board and Chief Product & Marketing Officer at profine

Our team received the award from the “pro-K” industry association within the framework of the ‘Zero Pellet Loss’ and ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ initiative for achieving zero pellet loss. Several of our international production facilities participate in the initiative.

Our way to the solution.

We are implementing the ‘Zero Pellet Loss’ project at our production sites. To obtain certification it is necessary to comply with stringent requirements. Participating companies have to prepare a detailed action plan for the prevention of pellet loss at their facilities, which is then implemented and monitored. We are one of the first companies to have had several production facilities participating in the initiative since spring 2017. Stefan Schäfer, Member of the Management Board and Chief Product & Marketing Officer, explained why: “Our participation in the initiative underlines our sustainability philosophy. By addressing the issue of plastic waste we intend to set an example in our industry and deliver credible proof of our commitment to environmental protection. The next step is to encourage the specialised window manufacturers who produce our windows to get involved in the initiative.”

We minimise pellet loss into the waste water sewers and the oceans from our storage silos and our production processes.

For a better world.

It’s good to know that you can protect our planet’s oceans with a modern premium window. Help us to keep our oceans even cleaner by preventing litter from plastic bags, bottles and caps and encouraging the people around you to do the same.

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