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The cost of restoring damaged ecosystems is ten times higher than nature conservation. (Tim Kasten, Deputy Director UN Environnent)

Recycling: new windows from old.

Millions of old PVC-U windows are replaced because they don’t reflect modern energy efficiency standards. During the production process profiles are cut to size for new windows. Both are sources of PVC-U waste. Our closed-loop recycling system sets an example to many other industries. We recycle the old PVC-U windows that have been replaced together with new PVC-U window production waste to ensure that valuable resources are conserved. Every single gram of PVC-U that is recycled saves both mineral oil and energy. Our recycling concept genuinely is a closed loop because we use recycled PVC-U to make new windows. We are committed to the circular economy.

Impressive track record: old PVC-U windows can be recycled up to eight times.

Our solution.

We are a founding member of the Germany-wide Rewindo” recycling initiative. Our windows are recycled by processing the PVC-U into high-quality pellets which we use as input material for our profiles. To optimise the appearance of the new products and to ensure the highest quality surface finish, we combine the recycled pellets with fresh material. The difference we achieve through using recycled material rather than conventional PVC-U to make our profiles is a 90% reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling old PVC-U helps to keep the air clean: the use of recycled pellets in the production process reduces our greenhouse gas emissions by 90 %.

For a better world.

With a modern PVC-U window you make an important contribution to conserving valuable resources for future generations through recycling. Old PVC-U windows can be recycled eight times. Our engineers have also optimised the design and technology of our window profiles to optimise heat insulation with less material. In other words, a new PVC-U window means that less CO₂ is released into the atmosphere and it also reduces the burden on the environment in several ways: less waste, less damaging greenhouse gases and less new PVC-U. And you enjoy the more comfort, more security and a very long-lasting product because, in theory, a PVC-U window has a lifespan of at least 40 years.

Discover how sustainable our premium windows are – from their lead-free stabiliser design to closed loop recycling.

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