88 mm systems AluClip Pro

Good news for all those who prefer the aesthetics of aluminium, yet don’t want to miss the high thernal and sound insulation of PVC-U: KÖMMERLING 88 unites the advantages of both these materials. AluClip Pro gives you a material combination that is setting the trend. And this with an almost unlimited choice of colours for the aluminium covers due to finishing techniques such as anodising and powder finishing.

The semi offset functional aluminium cover AluClip Pro takes over the load bearing function usually reserved for the steel reinforcement inside the sash profile. As a consequence, steel reinforcement is no longer needed in the sash profile. This, in turn, leads to a further improvement in thermal insulation. In case of the proEnergyTec version, the reinforcement chambers of the sash and frame can be filled with foam. With this technology, easily recyclable at a later date, optimum thermal insulation values can be achieved, i.e. a Uf value of up to 0.79 W/(m2K).

Yet the convincing features of the new profile generation are not only its energy saving properties, also the architectural potential directs our eyes to the future: The stable structure can take triple or ultra modern functional glazing up to 58 mm thick. KÖMMERLING 88 makes large windowed areas possible for a visually appealing facade design with outstanding sound insulation values. In addition, large windowed areas allow the passage of more solar energy – especially in the cold seasons – and so minimise energy needs and hence CO2 emissions.

This system also sets an example from the ecological viewpoint – The KÖMMERLING brand is the first key producer in the world to manufacture profiles not only with regrinds in virgin window PVC-U, but also exclusively with lead-free PVC with “green” stabilisers based on calcium and zinc. This guarantees that those who use KÖMMERLING products are also working to protect the environment.